Bonnie North & Chuck Wise - Town Meeting March 2019

Bonnie North & Chuck Wise - Town Meeting March 2019

Since 2018 the Rockingham Planning Commission has been working on an important re-write and update of our Town Plan.


The one document essential to defining and implementing a community’s hopes and visions is the comprehensive Municipal Plan. Many State and Federal grants to fund improvements or receive specialized technical assistance absolutely require that an updated Town Plan be in place.

The Town Plan paints a clear picture of the future.

Residents, institutions and businesses all want to understand key issues facing our community. Developing a shared vision allows everyone to come together, set goals, and evaluate progress over time.

The Town Plan establishes transparent, consistent and predictable public policy.

The Plan informs the Zoning Bylaws. A clear vision and plan establish the foundation necessary for local regulations that we can all understand and align with our expectations of change and progress.

A smart Plan promotes wise investments and helps us to manage future costs.

The plan provides a framework for attaining our aspirations through public investments and land use regulations. Everyone wants it all—good public services, a high quality of life and, of course, low taxes. But if we lack a clear vision and plan for development, we can sometimes produce exactly the opposite! A comprehensive plan can consider long-term impacts and the future costs of services, making certain that every investment, public or private, will produce social and economic benefits for all.