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Monthly Planning Commission Meeting

Meeting will be held 1st floor north of Town Hall (previously Cafe 7 - Valley Cafe - Fletcher’s)


1. Agenda review

2. Public comment (items not on the Agenda)

3. Letter of Support – Sprinkler system for old fire house

4. Approval of May 23, 2019 minutes

5. Town Plan update (discussion/handout)

‐Land Use Chapter final draft

6. Nuisance Ordinance update (discussion)

‐presentations at BF/Rockingham

‐draft changes being considered

7. 2020 Municipal Planning Grant (discussion)

‐brainstorming ideas

8. Zoning Bylaw amendments

‐Industrial 14

‐Administrative changes

9. Other Business

‐Planning Commission appointments

‐Solar Application

‐Solicitation for Café 7 space

‐Fees/application work group

‐Rockingham/Springfield Planning Commission collaboration?

10. Adjournment