Blighted, Vacant or Nuisance Property - A very costly problem for taxpayers!

Meeting weekly for nearly 8 months, we researched how other Vermont towns have dealt with this, and had consultations with the Rockingham Economic Development Director, the Bellows Falls Fire Chief, Bellows Falls Police Officer Paulette, Attorneys Ray Massucco and Steve Ankuda, a licensed structural engineer, and the Town Listers. We have presented this proposal to the Rockingham Selectboard, and the Trustees of both Bellows Falls and Saxtons River. It must be approved by all three groups before it becomes a legal ordinance. You can download the current draft here—and/or the slides of the presentation we gave here. Both are in pdf format.

CLICK HERE For IMPORTANT READ From the United States District Attorney: “Combating Drug Trafficking in Our Communities: A Landlord’s Role”



Lower Theater I Town Hall | 7 Square I Bellows Falls, VT

6:30pm, Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 6:30pm, Thursday, September 26, 2019 at the Rockingham Town Offices in the Lower Theater. The purpose of the hearing is to receive public input on the proposed changes. A more extensive set of document links showing track changes in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat software is available at the Planning Commission’s page. Copies of the amendments are available below. Hardcopies are available at the Rockingham Free Public Library, the Rockingham Town Clerk’s Office, and mailed upon request of the Planning & Zoning Administrator ( / 802.376.5241).

The meeting space can be accessed from the alley way elevator or stairs. Room will be opened to the public starting at 6:15pm.

Subdivision Regulations (fulltrack).pdf

Subdivision Regulations Report.pdf

Zoning Bylaw Report.pdf

Zoning Bylaws (fulltrack).pdf

First draft of the new LAND USE Chapter for Town Plan 2020 is available to download HERE. You may also care to download and read the Bellows Falls Island Growth Plan study done in 2013.